Thursday, July 1, 2010

Introduction to Cybersex Unplugged

We're getting close! Yes, progress is being made. An updated rough draft of the introduction to the new CYBERSEX UNPLUGGED. See LIVINGALIFEILOVEBOOKS.COM

Does anyone track what I’m doing online? We all wonder who knows what we do online. How do I hide what I’m doing from my partner? OMG, did she see what I was doing? I hope the person on the other side is as hot as they say they are. I get so tired of the online games. I’m only online because I can’t have sex with my partner. Boy that chat was great; is that cheating? I’d like to have sex with that person in the video. Is that pic legal?

We’ve all heard the stories of people getting caught doing online sexual stuff. Someone was fired, a relationship ended, a fight ensued, or someone was arrested. Perhaps one of the stories people talk about is you? Perhaps your just the next person they’ll talk about if you don’t stop what your doing.

This workbook resulted from conversations with individuals who struggle with their online sexual behavior. The consensus from these individuals and their therapists was a current workbook addressing the common issues for cybersex compulsivity was needed.

This book builds on our experience to focus on the nuances of Internet sexual compulsivity. We break down the complex elements into what we think are basic issues to addressed. We also highlight what we think are issues unique to cybersex including topics such as: psychology of the Internet, cybersex user categories, and understanding, assessing, and managing your Internet use. These topics highlight the nuances of cybersex. Sadly, not much research has been done in this area. Very little is truly known. Still, the three of us represent over 50 years of clinical and research work. Much of what we do write is based on our clinical experiences, research on related topics that we find are helpful in addressing cybersex, and in all honesty a bit of a “guess.” We hope you find this workbook useful as you strive to find sexual health in an electronic world.

This workbook focuses on cybersex; as such it is limited to cybersex. We believe cybersex is a subset of a larger field of sexual compulsivity. This workbook is not meant to address the larger topic of classic sexual compulsivity that is broad, with a variety of factors and addressed in the first book by Dr. Edwards (Living a Life I Love).