Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm presenting at the Boston Living Soulfully Group on 10/7.  

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Exploring Intimacy

What is intimacy?  
How can and do you connect to others?  
Are you a person who has confused sex with the only time of intimacy?  
How can you connect with others in different ways?
In this workshop, we review the topic of intimacy, including different types of intimacies.
During this workshop, you will also complete an interactive exercise to help you identify the type(s) of intimacy that are most important to you. We will use the exercise to help you identify your level of satisfaction regarding your intimacy needs.  We will also talk about the role of the types of intimacy in relationships.
Through this workshop, you will also develop a specific and measurable plan and goal to get your needs met in the following weeks.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Update on Therapy Hours

Since my recent departure from PRISM, I have been finishing the process of transition my direct service clients. I'm happy to announce that I've completed the transition process. 

I see clients at Neighborhood Involvement Program at 2431 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55403. Right now, I'm only available on Wednesday and Thursday. My hours will grow as I add clients. You can schedule any of the open times. For your convenience, all scheduling is now done online at

I currently see clients on a limited basis. I am not a provider for any insurance company (as of 9/4/12--Insurance companies are slow in updating their computer systems when it comes to customer service.).

Fees ($160/50 min hr) are due at the time of service. Courtesy billing to insurance companies is provided, but there is no guarantee of reimbursement of services.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today's Hate-voicemail.

I received a "nice" voice-message today on the google voice.  I thought I'd share.  It is this type of hate that motivates my work.  Trying to create a clearing for people to heal when they experience.  This stuff goes around all the time.  Help stop hate.  Help others know it can get better.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Big “O”rgasm

The Big “O”rgasm

One of the difficulties in sexual functioning and sexual expression is the cultural emphasis and priority on orgasm. The belief that every sex act must result in an orgasm can be a barrier to sexual health. This belief can create performance anxiety inhibiting functioning. You may have the thoughts, “It isn’t good sex unless I had an orgasm.” or, “My partner didn’t enjoy the encounter since she didn’t orgasm.” Undoing the mis-perceptions of orgasm are important. (for example, in men, orgasm and ejaculation are different processes. You may not have both occur at the same time.” 

There are alternatives to emphasizing orgasm. The “Tantric” approach to sexuality is an example of an approach to sexuality that often emphasizes the entire sexual experience and not orgasm. Many of the exercises in the workbook are designed to create pleasurable experiences without an emphasis on orgasm. Yes, you can move any experience toward orgasm, but you don’t have to. The development of sexual skills exercise highlights how orgasm is only one part of the process. All the other skills can be very pleasurable. The exercises on sensual touch and erotic touch are examples of the process. It is possible to have an amazing sexual experience without orgasm.

As you move forward in your sexual health, pay attention to the messages you’ve heard about orgasms. Consider how these messages relate to your chemical use and sexual satisfaction.  One quick way to identify your feelings is to reflect on what you feel when a sexual partner doesn’t orgasm in your presence.