Sunday, March 23, 2008

More professional changes, April 08

This post is to update you regarding changes in my professional life.

Part of the reason for the time lapse since the last post is due to these changes. In February, I started a part-time consulting job at Pride Institute. This is a 10 hour a week position with the responsibilities of working with the Director of Clinical Services to enhance the existing chemical dependency program. We hope to have many of the changes online by the Middle of April 2008. The second part of the job will be to develop a residential sexual compulsivity treatment program. This component will complement the chemical dependency program. We don't have a start date for this program, but our goal is by the end of summer. Watch for more details. Also, I will be working on presenting/education opportunities regarding GLBT and chemical dependency issues. In the next few weeks, I will be presenting at a local conference, and at a local hospital for their "Grand Rounds."

The other major reason for the delay in posts has been personal. During the month of February, I came down with the flu. This wiped me out for a good 10-14 days. Shortly after the recovery, I went of vacation for another 11 days. In an attempt to make up work for the illness/vacation, I've had to prioritize tasks. The blog unfortunately fell to the lower end of the list. My commitment is to return to posting on a regular basis.


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