Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life Coaching and Sexual Health

The number of stories I hear about sex in casual conversations boggles the mind. Many times in response to the question “What do you do?” I hear a personal story about sexuality. I could tell stories about where I’ve heard stories –the gym, coffee shop, walking the dogs, parties, meetings, etc. This highlights the need many people have to understand, embrace, and discover their sexuality and sexual health.

Often, however, the only venue to seek professional support is through the use of a “problem” model where the individual seeks help because bad things are happening.

What would it look like to develop a health based, holistically integrative approach to sexuality? What would it look like if the conversation starts from a place of health versus starting from a problem? In my experience, the more enjoyable conversations occur when a person is experiencing a transformation in their life regarding sexuality.

Over the recent years, there has been the development of a “Life Coaching” movement. What is a Life Coach? Take a sports star, they still have their coaches to help them further improve their skills. Similarly, life coaching is based on your experience, to help you integrate your values and goals and foster empowerment. A life coach is someone who walks along in your journey. The focus is on integration, positive sexuality, and health (instead of the more traditional illness based model).

There is a great need for the integration of life coaching and sexuality. Not all life coaches have the skills in sexuality. I encourage you to seek someone who is skilled in both coaching/counseling and sexuality. The goal will be to help you integrate your life and values to the ultimate goal where you say “I’m living a life I love.”

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