Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The power of story

When we think about who we are, we essentially come up with a story. When you string enough of the stories together, you develop a sense of self. Some of our stories have a profound role in shaping our identity; other stories have a minimal impact. Sometimes there is a story we deny, avoid or otherwise minimize. Sometimes we simply forget our stories. In a few cases, we’ve never thought about a particular story line. When prompted, however, thinking about the story can lead to profound change.

I encourage you to think of all of the stories about yourself and others. One place to look at is phrase that comes after because. “I do that because….. I’m that way because…… This is important because….. “ These are the stories that shape your life.

As you will find, some of the stories may be helpful or unhelpful. Some stories may suggest topics to review with your support network or therapist. A few of the stories may be a source of profound joy or emotional pain. As you understand the stories, there is no right or wrong story. What is important is that this is your story.

Believe it or not, it is possible to change the story. This is a process of growth and development. Taking a new perspective on a story can lead to new insights. Gaining additional information changes the content of the story. Feedback from peers can facilitate a reframe of the story. This process of change requires us to know and understand the stories in our life.

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