Monday, June 7, 2010

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sexual Health

I argue that all of our life is built on sexuality. Simply look and it is possible to see connections to sexuality that may have been unrecognized. A great deal of the advertising is built on sexuality. “If I buy this thing, I will get the right partner, perfect job, or woo the person of my dream.” The funniest jokes are often based on sexual innuendo. The biggest social issues of the time are related to sexuality. Many of our fears about the future are based on the question of whether or not I will find someone to love. Some of the biggest fears we have are about trusting our partner. Our biggest pains often connect to relationship failures. For some people, our biggest joys are children.

All of these examples highlight how important sexuality is in our life. But almost no-where do we have any discussion about sexuality that fosters growth and understanding. Much of our discussion on sexual health is unspoken, or if spoken it is fear based. What would it look like to take a moment to expand the discussion and uncover all the messages we hear about sexuality? What would it look like if we sat down and discussed our sexual beliefs? What would it look like if I identified what is healthy in my life and actually took the responsibility to assertively get my needs met?

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