Saturday, January 19, 2008

Professional Changes beginning Jan 08

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

January 2008 has arrived with a flurry of activity. I’m writing to catch you all “up-to-speed” regarding changes in my professional life.

I moved my private practice from a solo-practice in Uptown in Minneapolis to a group practice near Loring Park in Minneapolis. The new practice is a combination of the Sexual Health Institute and Human Interfaces. My goal is to use the synergy from the relationship with the two groups to grow the Sexual Health Institute. As of this date, we have two psychiatrists and four psychologists committed to providing quality mental health, psychiatric and sexual health services. This change reflects a significant change since I started my private practice over 10 years ago. And, as I expand my practice, I’ve decided to place an added emphasis on education and sexuality. To reach this goal, I’ve added two components to my work.

The first area is a new blog I started to help individuals who struggle with Sexual Compulsivity. The blog is located at: Please feel free to share this link with others. My goal is to steadily build a collect of resources that might be helpful to others. So far there are about 10 posts covering a range of issues that I would consider are an “intro” to sexual compulsivity.

The second area expressing my commitment to education is through public speaking. Too many people simply don’t know anything about sexual compulsivity and sexual health issues. In 2007, for example, I had my “22 seconds of fame” when I was interviewed by Tom Lyden of Channel 9 News regarding the matter of Sen. Craig and sexual compulsivity. In addition, I presented at a mental health agency providing professional enrichment and a few churches providing adult education.

In addition to moving my practice, I added additional staff. Please welcome Dr. Shannon Garritty, Psy D., LP. She is starting her practice at 1-2 days a week. As her case load grows, she will be adding hours. Her specialties include spirituality, wellness, anxiety, depression, sexuality, coping with life changes and couples therapy. Dr. Garrity is also a provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

As a result of the changes and growth in my private practice, I decided to leave Alpha Services effective February 1. It’s hard to believe that three years passed so quickly. It is a difficult choice because I greatly admire the staff and community of Alpha. I also acknowledge many of the clients who created significant positive changes in their life. For current clients and probation officers, I’m working on transferring these clients to the new therapist.

Finally, I will continue teaching one course each quarter in the Walden School of Psychology program. I am also supervising graduate students in their thesis projects.

Please check out the updated website reflecting new contact information, a map to the new office, links to the blog, and information about Shannon and myself. The website is:

My new work contact info:

Weston M Edwards, PhD, LP
1409 Willow St, Suite 109
Minneapolis, MN 55403
tel: 612.872.1500
fax: 612.872.2205
mobile: 612.987.4482

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