Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger Woods and Sexual Compulsivity

In all of the recent news on Tiger Woods, very little conversation has occurred beyond the titillating sexual behaviors, number of sexual partners, and the eventual impact on his marketing career. I would hope that somewhere in the conversation, the media would start to address questions of sexual compulsivity. Like many of the recent sexual scandals, we focus on the sensationalism without focusing on the emotional toll on those involved and the struggle many individuals have in the area of sexuality. (Just to note, not knowing the details, I will refrain in assessing Tiger Woods the person.)

This story is only one in a series of many stories to come. Who is next is irrelevant; the key for me is to help others get the services they need. Whenever something like this occurs, I hope people can use the story as a way to reach out for support, help and resources. There are many resources available including SASH.NET, and AASECT.ORG. Reach out and find some resources. Help your self, or help others get the help they need.

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