Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sexual Health and what I SHOULD

One of the more difficult aspects in moving toward sexual health is clarifying YOUR personal definition of sexual health. This journey builds on yesterday’s discussion on integrity. What do you really want in your life? Today’s nuance highlights how many times we are told what we SHOULD want. Listen to the language in statements by others, the frequency of “You SHOULD…..” is amazing. All of our marketing is based on “You SHOULD.” Much of our sexuality discussion is based on “You SHOULD,” or often, “You SHOULDN'T.”

In this blog, I will not go into an extended conversation about the sources of you should (i.e., review culture and sexuality). Instead, I invite you to increase your awareness of all the ways you are told, “you should,” or “shouldn’t” or more importantly, when you say, “I should” or “I shouldn’t.” There is a significant pressure toward conformity in sexuality. In reality, anything is possible. Sexual health requires that you choose. I choose to live my life this way; I choose to engage in or not engage in these behaviors. It is your responsibility to assertively confront the pressure toward conformity. What you choose is truly your choice.

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