Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sex and Ice Cream

Sometimes it is easier to explore sexual health issues through a use of a metaphor. A metaphor I like regarding sexual expression is ice cream.

Who doesn’t like ice cream, one of god’s primary gifts to humanity! Imagine, if you will, sitting down with a serving of vanilla ice cream. Think of the creamy feeling, and the taste of vanilla as you eat the first spoonful. Even the frozen Vanilla Yogurts are good. The soft-serve ice creams are great when you want something in a hurry. Some of the premium brands have done a great job making vanilla ice cream almost a spiritual experience! The extra cream makes the texture extra smooth. Using real vanilla, perhaps with pieces of vanilla beans creates an amazing experience.

Because vanilla ice cream is so good, and so many people like it, I have decided to impose a new rule. Vanilla ice cream in all its variation is the ONLY form of ice cream that is good/holy/sacred. Only vanilla ice cream can be created, served, and sold. I have declared this, so it is so.

Absurd, isn’t it!

But that is what we’ve done with sexual expression. Individuals in power eloquently describe why a particular form of sexual expression is good/holy/sacred. Then they impose on everyone else this value.

Absurd, isn’t it!

Sexual health requires you to make a choice about what is good/holy/sacred in your life. Yes, you might like “vanilla” but “vanilla” is far from the only flavor of sexual expression. What do you like? Choose.

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