Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sex, Shame, Fear, Recovery, Hope, Life

I was keenly reminded how difficult it is to talk about sexual health issues in general and sexual compulsivity in particular. For many individuals, the first steps toward discussing sexual issues are shaped by shame, embarrassment, fear and guilt. I can not stress enough how NORMAL these feelings are when opening up a new area of growth. While it is easy to say, I also know how many of these thoughts and feelings are irrational, based in cultural messages that “sex is bad,” and a general aversion to addressing sexuality.

Even though these reactions are normal, I’m also aware how important it is to start the process of talking about your sexual health concerns. My experience suggests that sexuality is at the core of many of the most important aspects of our life. For many people in recovery, sexuality is the last issue to be addressed. At the same time, it is often the last issue counselors want to (and in some causes are trained) to address.

In almost every situation when someone starts the process of addressing sexuality, the reaction eventually has been positive. The energy “protecting” the shame is released allowing the energy to be directed toward life giving actions. New possibilities are created allowing the individual to life a new life.

What do you need to start the process?

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