Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm presenting at the Boston Living Soulfully Group on 10/7.  

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Exploring Intimacy

What is intimacy?  
How can and do you connect to others?  
Are you a person who has confused sex with the only time of intimacy?  
How can you connect with others in different ways?
In this workshop, we review the topic of intimacy, including different types of intimacies.
During this workshop, you will also complete an interactive exercise to help you identify the type(s) of intimacy that are most important to you. We will use the exercise to help you identify your level of satisfaction regarding your intimacy needs.  We will also talk about the role of the types of intimacy in relationships.
Through this workshop, you will also develop a specific and measurable plan and goal to get your needs met in the following weeks.

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