Thursday, November 15, 2007

Exercise 1: Talking About Sex

To start addressing questions of sexual compulsivity, it is important to reflect on your ability to talk about sex. The goal for this exercise is to 1) To assess your ability talk about sex and sexuality with others. and 2) To identify people with whom you can talk about sex.

As you start this process, it is important to examine how comfortable are you talking about your sexuality and sexual behavior. I am confident that as you progress through the work, your comfort level will increase. It is not uncommon, however, to be nervous, embarrassed, feel guilt and/or shame about the information to be reviewed.

Exercise 1

Answer the following questions.

YES/NO 1) I avoid talking about sex.

YES/NO 2) I talk about my sexuality with my friend(s).

YES/NO 3) I find many sexual matters too upsetting to talk about. (R)

YES/NO 4) I talk about my sexuality with my sexual partner(s).

YES/NO 5) I talk about my sexual feelings.

YES/NO 6) I usually feel comfortable discussing my sexual values.

YES/NO 7) I usually feel comfortable discussing topics of a sexual nature.

YES/NO 8) In general, I usually feel comfortable discussing my sexuality. (R)

YES/NO 9) Talking about sex is usually a positive experience.

YES/NO 10) It bothers me to talk about sex. (R)

YES/NO 11) I usually feel comfortable discussing my sexual behavior.

YES/NO 12) There will be negative consequences if I talk about sex. (R)

Score 1 point for each yes (# 1, 2, 4-7, 9, 11)

Score 1 point for each no (# 3, 8, 9, 12)

More than 8 points, suggests a difficulty talking about sex.

Exercise #2.

1) Reflect on the above questions, explain your responses.

2) Name three people you could start talking to about sexuality. This could be pastor, friends, colleagues, sponsor, therapist, partner/spouse, etc.

3) Write one paragraph summarizing what you would like to share with each of the individuals at this time regarding your questions of sexual compulsivity. Share as appropriate.

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