Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Topic 21: Warning Signs

The story of a “canary in a mine” is a classic story of how miners before the development of modern equipment would put a canary in cage, and the cage in the mine. They used the canary as a warning sign if the level of unsafe gases. Because of their size and susceptibility canaries react to these gases quicker than human did. If they saw the canary was ill, sick (or even dead), it would result in an evacuation of the mine for the safety of the miners. In this topic, identify 10 warning signs that your sexual behaviors are escalating in risk, problem, or even an expression of an acting out cycle. Some examples might include engaging in flirting behaviors. Unhealthy use of the internet.. Sexual contact without disclosure of HIV status, etc. These warning signs should reflect your values, your healthy behaviors, and your topics related to the expression of the cycle in your life.

If you find a number of warning signs in your life, what are your plans to address the issues? These might be included in your plans identified in preventing the acting out cycle. These plans might reflect an escalation and require additional professional help. Example, if two warning signs appear, I will go to a meeting, see my therapist, etc. Your plans are:

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