Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Topic 23. Support Network

It is always a possibility that you might act out again. In the previous topic, you identified the major issues that contribute to increased risk of this occurring. The prevention plan is designed to identify specific suggestions that YOU think will help you. This section is designed to help break the isolation. Each of the individuals identified below are people who can provide support to prevent an acting out cycle, or to help if one occurs. It is also important to have people in your life that you can trust, people you know you can talk to and get support from, especially when the going gets tough. Each of the individuals below should “sign off” that you have reviewed your prevention plan with them. This means they understand all aspects of the plan, and that they agree to help if something occurs.

Make a list of support people you can talk to:

Name Phone Signature

1) ______________________ _______________________ _________________________

2) ______________________ _______________________ _________________________

3) ______________________ _______________________ _________________________

4) ______________________ _______________________ _________________________

5) ______________________ _______________________ _________________________

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