Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Topic 22. Bottom Line Behaviors

I use the term “bottom line behaviors “ to describe behaviors that are by definition unhealthy for you. If any of these behaviors occur, in my opinion a significant level of intervention is necessary to prevent future harm to yourself, your relationship or others in your life. Many of these behaviors are universal, and should only include behaviors that are ALWAYS unhealthy. If you qualify them in any way, perhaps they are warning signs and go into the previous topics. While some are universal, others might apply only to your situation. Consider which of the suggested behaviors are bottom line, and add any that you think of you that reflects your treatment planning.

Suggested bottom line behaviors

1) Any sexual thoughts, fantasy, or behaviors that might lead to sexual contact with a minor. These can include manipulations, set ups, and steps you might engage in.

2) Sexual contact or behavior that is illegal. I use the example of Sen Larry Craig in 2007 as an example of this area. Many legal agencies are cracking down on sexual behaviors. If you engage in public sex, or viewing of sexually explicit pictures of children, these are significant behaviors that warrant an increased level of care.

3) Consider risk of transmitting HIV or any sexually transmitted illness.

4) Consider any behaviors you wouldn’t talk about with your support network? Why? If any, include these here

5) Review the topic of preventing the acting out cycle, is there any issue that always leads to a sexual acting out. For some people, drug use is a sign that you have crossed a bottom line behavior.

6) Talk with your support network, your partner, your therapist Any suggestions from them?

What are your bottom line behaviors?

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