Sunday, May 3, 2009

Acknowledgements for the new workbook

All authors know “the truth” that a project of this type is only possible with the support of others. I never fully understood the reality of this truth – until now. As I finish this workbook, I find I am deeply moved by the journey. As the final pieces of the project came together, I literally found myself crying in a coffee shop because of the relief due to finishing amount of work, the level of hurt and frustration I see others experience, and the struggles that so many people have with hopelessness. And like the sunrise breaking the darkness of night, I experience the birth of hope in the middle of despair.
I want to acknowledge the following individuals who provided support throughout the years.
First, recognition goes to my clients. Your journey led to the project. Your struggles, needs, hopes and failures all point to a desire for sexual health. Your cries of “help” and the lack of information available are the inspiration for the workbook. I am grateful and humbled for your generosity by including me in your journey. I hope this is another step in your recovery and movement toward sexual health. The journey can be difficult at times and I acknowledge your courage to take one-step, one-day, and one-topic at a time.
The faculty at the University of Minnesota who served as colleagues and mentors deserve second recognition. I specifically mention Drs. Simon Rosser, Eli Coleman, Bean Robinson, and Mike Miner. These four, among many others, provided an avenue that started my journey in the field of sexuality, encouragement along the way, and the occasional “special support” when I was stuck. My respect for them has grown over the 15 years.
Next, I acknowledge four individuals who contributed to the workbook: Larry S., Amanda R., James S., and Erich A. who helped me in the layout, content, and editing. I cannot tell you how many times they listened to my excitement and frustration (and all for free!). I cannot count the number of drafts they reviewed. I am grateful.
Finally, to Luis who lovingly froze not understanding the intensity of my reaction that day in the coffee shop. Your presence was the support and love I needed.
Weston M Edwards
May 3, 2009

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