Thursday, June 23, 2011

Matrix Trilogy as an analogy for life.

Lately I find that I have been referencing the Matrix Movie Trilogy. The movie is rich in symbolism, and is expressive of a great number of archetypes. Outside the gratuitous fight scenes (which could be metaphorical as well), I find a great many helpful metaphors that correspond to living a rich life. Here are just a few. If you have more, please submit.

1) The names of many characters/features: The Oracle, Neo, Mr. Smith, Architect, Trinity, and Zion. Each has additional meanings beyond simply referencing the characters.
2) Life is a choice. You choose your worldview, and you choose how to respond to everything within your worldview. Sometimes we may not be fully aware of the choices, but even within our subconscious, we are making choices. (The blue pill or the red pill.)
3) The Promised Land is not what you think (Zion as the promised land).
4) You can recreate your life. Every moment of insight/growth changes the matrix of your life. You recreate your life when you continue to grow/live. (The scene with the architect, and the statement there were 6 previous Neos).
5) Awareness allows us to see connections others cannot perceive. Our insight/awareness provides us a larger consciousness within the world. We see the linkages where others see nothing. (Neo’s ability to see when blinded.)
6) What you are paying attention to may not be the most important thing in your life. (The lady in the red dress as a distraction.)
7) Think outside the box. What we think may limit our choices is simply an illusion. There are many more options than the two options we think we have. (The scene with the architect).
8) Anything is possible. This may require us to envision a new reality, but once designed, it is a series of choices that move us toward the new possibility. (The influence of the Oracle, and the statement, “You play a dangerous game here.” The ending is different from the expectation; no spoiler here!).
9) Find something in your life worth fighting for that gives purpose/meaning to your life. (For Neo, it is his love to Trinity and commitment Zion).
10) When you find the core to your purpose, you will choose to face what appear to be insurmountable odds. You will discover your response to the question, “Why?” “Because I choose to?” (The ending fight scene between Neo and Mr. Smith).

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