Monday, June 6, 2011

What we can learn from Rep. Weiner

1) This can happen to anyone. Rep. Weiner is one more person in a long list of individuals who have sexual health concerns.
2) Don’t lie. When something happens, the truth will eventually come out. It is better to get everything out right away.
3) Other will be hurt by your behavior.
4) Sex is still a scandal. Our sex negative society still has a strong reaction to sexuality. If we got rid of every politician who lied, well….
5) Sexual compulsivity problems aren’t limited to meeting others. Problems can include cybersex behaviors such as chatting, “harvesting” pictures, or even engaging in the online hunt seeking a thrill.
6) The Internet is not private. Anything you post in electronic forum is public. Period!
7) A problem is an opportunity to start the process of changing your life. If you’re stuck in denial, you are stuck.
8) Get help if help is needed. Regardless of what is said in the press, we really don’t know the entire story. Resources are available. Check out AASECT.ORG or SASH.NET for therapists/resources.

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