Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rock, Paper, Scissors–Life Coach and Living a Life You Love

I’ve been working toward completing my certificate as a life coach. One image to describe a Life Coach is childhood game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Life Coaching as a Lever
Using a lever at the right place with the right amount of energy is how a person can move a heavy object. A lever actually magnifies the power of the user. Life coaching is a tool to leverage your own energy leading to profound change. A coach simply helps you identify that spot to get the most out of the energy. With a focused use of energy, you move the ROCKS in your journey.

Life Coach as Creating a Plan
What would a Life You Love Look like? Write it down (i.e., on PAPER). Create a map of where you want to go. The map is a handy tool to remind us of where you are going in your life when you get lost, or otherwise run into a detour.

Life Coach as Pruning
Every year, I prune back the trees and bushes in my yard to help them grow stronger next year. Using a Life Coach can help you identify patterns of thoughts and behaviors that you might remove with a pruning SCISSORS to help you grow into Living a Life You Love. (This is different from therapy which might use the metaphor of replanting and re-landscaping-i.e. moving the tree or bush.)

I work as both a psychologist (MN) and a Life Coach. I have a general focus, as well as specialties in recovery and sexuality. For more information on the coaching I provide, please see:

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