Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Becoming Open and Honest

A common theme apparent across many clinical settings is the struggle with being open and honest to the important people in your life. I consistently see how people avoid talking with others, disclosing their sex history, or reaching out to others to help break the isolation, fear and shame. In the 12-step tradition, there is a saying "Our secrets keep us sick." As a treatment approach, anything you're not able to talk about is the treatment issue you need to be talking about.

The treatment assignment is to identify the major issues you are keeping secret. I recently asked one client to list the top 25 secrets he hasn't revealed. The assignment scared him, but by the end realized that the isolation he feared didn't come about.

Given the level of struggle with becoming open and honest, I'm interested in hearing from readers about what they found helpful in starting the process of breaking secrets.


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  1. im trying to become a more open person i have been in counselling now for nearly 4 years and am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. but even though i have been honest and open with my counsellors i have found it far more difficult with my girlfriend and people i live with. im suprised by how closed i had become , unconcious if you will . but now through self realisation am beginning to see the benefits of revealing more about what is happening in my heart .thank you for giving me the forum for posting this michael x