Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do I have a cybersex problem?

A question in the recent public sphere is how does a person know if they have a problem with cybersex. Based on the research, simply going online for sexual material isn’t a problem. Research suggests 80-85% of people have no problem. As an example, most people use alcohol with no problem. And many users of alcohol never move onto drug use. In other words, for many people, alcohol use is not a problem. The same can be true for cybersex. But how does one know? The following are some things to consider.

1) Does it “feel” like a problem for you? If so, try to uncover why it feels like a problem.
2) Have you tried to stop, and failed? Explore why.
3) Often cybersex issues aren’t about the cybersex behaviors, but expressive of other issues such as relationship, loneliness, depression, boredom, anxiety or other concerns. How present are these issues?
4) In what way have your behaviors put you at risk for consequences including legal, emotional, relational, financial or employment consequences
5) What, if any, consequences have you experienced?

The website has a screening instrument you can also complete. It has about 25 questions to consider. A copy of the instrument is also in the book Cybersex Unplugged. In reviewing your responses, you’ll start to get a sense if it is a problem or not. When in doubt, seek help to help you figure this out.

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  1. I am addicted to cybersex.Every time i am bored the only thing that comes to my mind is cybersex chat.I have many times thinking this is not normal but i don't know how to come out of it becouse it is fun.