Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sexual repression as suicide

Repression is to live a life that you were not meant to live. Repression is to do things you never wanted to do. Repression is to be fellow that you are not, repression is a way to destroy yourself. Repression is suicide – very slow of course, but a very certain slow poisoning. OSHO

Another quote from a book I’ve been reading.

The last line of the quote struck me. “Repression is suicide – very slow of course, but a very certain slow poisoning.” This is no truer in the realm of sexuality. I can not remember how many times I’ve worked with people who are experiencing a slow death because of the repression of their sexual energy. I can’t help but think of my work in chemical dependency as a way to avoid the pain of this slow death. The shame, fear, hurt, and guilt are the consequences of this repression.

What would it look like if you ended your own repression regarding your sexuality? How might life be different? How might you be different? How would your relationships be different?

I believe that one of the best interventions is to simply affirm the possibility of the individual to be who he or she is. I don’t give permission; rather the individual has within him or her own being the inherent permission to the core in all areas. Given my focus, this includes being alive in the realm of sexuality. It is stepping beyond the repression to affirm you wants, needs, and desires. Sometimes this will be easy; often it will be a bit of work.

OSHO (1999) Emotions: Freedom from Anger, Jealousy and Fear. OSHO International: New York.

This is currently available as a free kindle ebook on Amazon. (The kindle version is no longer free, updated 11/16).

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